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Our Commitment 

Besides our customers, the planet is our #1 commitment. We believe that the companies of the future must have sustainability at the core of their business model to make a lasting impact and do right by the environment. At Summersalt, we are constantly striving to refine processes and push ourselves to keep operations and products as eco-friendly as possible. We know that we aren't perfect, but we hope to set a new standard in the industry by being transparent about our processes and proud of our progress.

Suits & Polybags

Our suits are made with recycled materials. Since our fabrics are 5x stronger and more durable than ordinary suits, we hope you will wear it for longer and recycle it when it’s time for something new.

Any lightly damaged product will be donated to an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization.

It’s an industry standard that each suit arrives in a polybag to ensure freshness and sanitation. The polybag that your Summersalt suit arrives in is completely recyclable, and we are actively looking for a vendor that makes them out of completely recycled materials.

Packaging & Mailers

We chose not to include corrugated packaging to reduce our carbon footprint in production, raw materials, air freight and more.

Our poly mailers are made out of recycled materials, as are our hang tags, accent labels, postcards, notecards and envelopes.

Our resealable pack is 100% recyclable and reusable. TIP: Use it for wet bathing suits when you travel.

Branded Collateral

All our brand collateral is made with 100% recycled materials.

Please Recycle

We urge you to recycle 100% of all of our packaging and donate used swimwear to relief organizations.