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Our Materials

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Beach-Proof Fabrics

Our suits offer UPF 50+ protection, and they can stand up to sand, sweat, and chlorine. Live wear tests have shown that even after 100+ hours of use in chlorinated water, the fabric retains its shape and compression power. We urge you to wear sunscreen, but be aware that some brands of sunscreen are known to stain swimsuits. We do suggest avoiding sunscreen with Avobenzone as this has been known to stain. 

Products Made With Traditional Materials: We're working each and every day to create a path to sustainability through ongoing fabric development, research and development, and trials. 

We are constantly striving to refine processes and push ourselves to keep operations and products as eco-friendly as possible. We’ll always be this way, and we’ll always be transparent with you about our processes.


Our suit fabric is 5x stronger than ordinary swimwear for maximum durability.

Shape and Fit

Our suits have 4x the compression of average suits, so they truly retain their shape over time—even after washing. 

Recycled Materials

We use premium recycled materials to make all of our high-quality suits. The fabric in our suits is more technical, softer, and more durable than traditional swim fabric.


Our Activewear fabrics are made from old plastic soda and water bottles and shipped to you in recyclable and reusable packaging.


The fabric used in our French Terry sets is made with USDA certified biobased product, TENCEL™ fibers. EU Ecolabel award winner and Vincotte certified biodegradable and compostable material. TENCEL™ Modal is made in a multi-staged process using sustainable beachwood.

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