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The Perfect Stay at Home Bundle

Summersalt and KiT Undergarments have partnered to bring you the complete outfit for the ultimate luxury - comfort.

10% of sales will go to baby2baby.

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Beginning with foundational pieces from KiT Undergarments and layering with some of Summersalt's coziest pieces, this set is made to live in.

About KiT

Because what’s not seen is just as important as what is, Kit Undergarments is a collection of undergarments designed to support, enhance, and empower every body. With over 20 years of collective styling experience, Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche have the insight and expertise you can trust to help simplify the process of getting dressed. Having mastered the most intimate details of fit and flattery through styling and design, they’ve developed Kit Undergarments, a line of foundational pieces that are designed to work for every body. In launching Kit Undergarments, Jamie and Simone have channeled their knowledge of the best kept industry secrets into a curated collection of intimate essentials that make the perfect foundation accessible to all.

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Baby2Baby National Network is a group of like-minded organizations who distribute basic essentials to children living in poverty in over 40 cities across the United States.

About Summersalt

Summersalt launched in May 2017 as the direct-to-consumer swimwear brand disrupting the industry with designer quality, eco-friendly suits for just $95. Summersalt achieved exceptional traction and quickly became known as the brand that encourages women to dive into life's adventures and experiences, and to be sexy on their own terms. However, swimwear was just the beginning. In late 2018, Summersalt expanded with comfortable, designer quality essentials designed to take the modern woman wherever adventure leads—in style and comfort. Most recently, Summersalt has expanded even further into the apparel market with cashmere sweaters, joggers and jackets. In 2019, Summersalt was included on CNBC’s Upstart 100 list, highlighting the brightest, most intriguing startups promising to become the great companies of tomorrow. 

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