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Choose from our Discovery Packs below and try four suits at home for six days. Return what you don't love and only pay for what you keep. It's that easy.

Blank Canvas

You already know exactly what you want.

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Beach Please Pack

Perfect for lounging around and some extracurricular activities.

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Get Up and Go Go Pack

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Yoga on the beach, to hiking a volcano - that’s my jam.

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The Babe-Watch Pack

From a sexy red one-piece to the perfect little black suit. Sexy on my own terms.

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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Bikini Pack

Tops and bottoms to mix and match, because I’d rather be skinny dipping.

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Aesthetics Before Athletics Pack

Everything in my closet is black. Okay, maybe I have some navy too.

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